Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Best Friend's Wedding

On May 16th, 2009 my best friend got married!

It was a wonderful day! It was everything Katie could have asked for! She made for a gorgeous bride. The day started out with a ceremony taking place at St. Vincent DePaul Church in Chicago. It was genuine and reflected their personalities. I'll never forget watching the grooms face be overcome by tears as his beautiful bride, the one he waited all his life for, walked towards him. I teared up of course.

Their reception was also beautiful! I loved their cake topper which was made up of two baseball players - a boy and a girl. Each in their respective Cubs and Sox hat, representing Katie (Sox fan) and Jon (Cubs fan). They cut the cake to the song "Put my in Coach!" Too cute!

Katie is my best friend and I couldn't ask for anyone more wonderful then her new husband Jon! I toasted them right before dinner started, and incorporated their love for lists and verses from 1 Corinithians.

Also, the Boy was able to join me for this wedding and we had so much fun dancing! He even wore a bowtie to match my perrywinkle dress! I can't wait to get more pictures back! All of my girlfriends loved him, and stood around him, listening to his wonderful accent and being tickled by his humor! It was a special moment for me to share, as they noticed why we work so well together, and of course his love for music! It was fun to share this part of my life with him!

Take aways from Katie's wedding:
- Make it personal: vintage photos of the couples parents, and grandparents wedding days on entrance table, cake topper, and lifestyle photography.

- Too big for me. It fit Katie, but good to know I would like something smaller and a bit less formal. I'm more of a flowers in my hair gal. And set in nature.

- Always carry safety pins, bobby pins, alchohol swabs and a tide pen!

- The day will go by so quickly, so enjoy every minute of it!

- And last but not least, don't make the wedding bigger then the marriage!

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kubbybear said...

Don't forget the talcum powder and brush. ;)