Thursday, May 07, 2009

So Fun.

CupofJoe - who is so fun to read posted a few photos from a wedding. I think I love it. So classic.
So fun.
It is so simple, from the string of pearls, casual hair, flowers, and cute little sandals. I feel giddy just looking at them! Seriously its so beautiful.

these flowers look so old fashioned yet fun!


coco+kelley said...

awwww... antiqued roses are my favorite!

so - very very random but, a few weeks back you entered the TUSK giveaway on my blog and the winner never came forward to claim their prize. i picked a new one and it's you! if you could email me asap with your address and what color you'd like, we'll get it sent right out!


congrats girlie (and cute blog!!)

kubbybear said...

Oh hunny this is soooo you! I love it!!!!

the real mia said...

Beautiful and sooOoo romantic!

Mia, From the Board of Lucys