Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wow I Won Something - Thanks Coco+kelley!

This morning when I checked my email and was sipping on a cup of tea, I saw an email from Coco+kelley , she had made a comment on my blog. As we all well know, Coco+Kelley is an amazing blog. Lots of inspiration on there.

When I opened the comment to post it to my blog she had told me that I had won something! What, I thought to myself, this never happens! But I did! Apparently a few weeks ago I had entered a little giveaway on her blog for this Tusk Mini Purse. She said the first winner never came forward, and then I was the person chosen next! Yay!

This is very fitting, as I never purchase my own purses. I always get them as gifts, usually from Mom. And I'm pretty sure it was time for a new little number. To make this a bit more fun, feel free to guess the color!

I'll post a little review(I'm sure a raving one) when the little bag comes in the mail.

It's a great day! Thanks Tusk and Cocokelley!

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