Friday, December 11, 2009

The Glitter Stuff

The Christmas season is upon us. Last year at this time we were decorating our little onebedroom apartment, adorning it with little cutouts of nutcracker men and a charlie brown Christmas tree.
Our first Christmas in our own house. We went Christmas tree hunting on a tree farm outside of our city. We found the perfect one. Every evening when I come home the lights are lit, my husband did this as a treat for me. The Tannenboam all glistening in its splendor. We even have a Christmas throw:) My guy wanted one. Of course I use it much more then him!
I'm enjoying this new season. A season filled with old friends, new friends, weaving my and my husbands traditions together, and finding a pretty snuggly fit. I'm dreaming up Christmas cookies, with glitter and raspberry jam. And a warm oven heating up our home as the coolest of days creep upon us.

To you and yours I wish the Christmas tree cookies, and warm feelings that meet you at your doorstep, with a light left on in this winter time.

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