Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Home Baked Stuff

I also love the idea of giving something that is usable, and consumable.  I tell my husband this as we walk through William Sonoma, his eyes wide with wonder and confusion. He can't seem to stop staring at the mulling cider or the nutracker apron. He doesn't know what we should get. The ladies there try to help guide us, as we turn round and round their white, bone china tables searching for dirty santa gifts.

Finally I grab his hand, and say honey here's what I think.  Not too long ago he had told me that if he asks for my opinion, and I give it, then he will follow it.  He said there's no point in him asking me, if he is just going to ignore it.  Now in the store, he doesn't ask, but I give it anyway.  Here's what we are going to get.  Before I know it we are up at the register, and have purchased 3 items that can be given for the dirty santa gifts.

We find our way out of the store, even though there are trecherous peppermint bark and cocoa samples at every corner. Next year, I'm going to try my hand at baking some gifts and wrap them in red twine, pretty boxes, and parchment paper. Perhaps my husband will agree!

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