Wednesday, December 16, 2009

On Hair and Husbands

A funny thing happened yesterday.

I came home from getting my haircut and running a few errands.

My husband was cooking up our dinner.  He came to greet me at the door.  We started catching up on our day.

And then he said,

"Oh let me see you're hair.  I remember that you got it cut."

pause, I turn around.

"It looks professional.  I really like it honey"

I laugh. I continue to laugh all night, because he called my hair professional.  At first he doesn't understand why this is so funny.  He said he loved it, and that it didn't look to youthful but cute and so he choose the word professional.  Great for the office and sexy at night.  I said, professional is a funny word to use to tell your wife she looks hot!

Then we kissed, and I kept telling him I loved him, and his face was very professional looking!

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