Thursday, January 14, 2010

What's Been Going on Lately

Gibson had to have three teeth removed Tuesday.  He made it through just fine - he's a little champ.  He's already back to trying to scavenge for food, and step over the tile into the kitchen (he's not allowed in) and back to finding his favorite smells in the backyard.

It was too funny bringing him home post surgery.  The Mister decided that we should get him an iv so he could stay hydrated and his blood pressure could stablize during the procedure.  So when I picked him up he was a bit woozy, and fell asleep in the passenger seat sitting up. 

He also had the cutest little blue bandage around his paw where they had put the iv in.  Little did we know that by morning, that bandage would be cutting off his circulation so badly that his paw had swollen up! 

I'm pretty sure he had needles in pins.  We called it his power paw. 

He's a trooper though!

And don't worry...his paws are back to normal size.

I could show you a picture of the three teeth, but I won't.  The roots on those bad boys are huge!

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