Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Year in Review 2009

January - We started brainstorming about a future home.  What it would have, what it would look like, and where it would be.  We made little lists.  We sat in front of the fire in his apartment, and began cooking chili nearly once a month in the crock pot. 

February - We drove around a lot in the car on Saturdays, checking out homes we had found that we were interested in.  We laughed, and I sometimes got overwhelmed.  That's when my Mister would turn the music up a bit louder and sing me into silly.  Gibson gets a parasite in his stomach. 

March - We put an offer on a home!  Then we put another offer on an even better home!  We ended up getting it!  We get lots of paperwork together to make it happen. 

April - We purchased our home, and I officially moved in!  We walked all our furniture up the hill, up the driveway. We are so happy and blessed! We learn how to install mailboxes, blinds, and pick up tons of furniture in Lawrenceburg. 

May - My best friend gets married.  We fly to Chicago and celebrate!!  And then later that month......we get ENGAGED!! In Florida, on the beach, down on one knee.  WE ARE SO HAPPY.  I have found my one and only.  Aw Emily can't stop smiling.

June - I fly to Chicago.  We have a bridal shower for my sister, Heidi, and I find my DRESS!

July - Heidi gets married to my most awesome brother-in-law Mike.  We dance the night away.  We are thrilled for them. Our family grows. We go hiking in the Smoky Mountains, sit underneath a waterfall.

August - Mom visits, Heidi and Mike visit.  We have guests in our new home.  Our families meet. We grow a little more. 

September - We fly to Chicago.  We have a bridal shower.  Best friend from childhood gets married.  My best girls surprise me with a visit to Knoxville.

October - We plan, we plan. Our weekends are filled with wedding projects like the post.  We get so excited.  Can't wait for the big day and the days to follow on the beach. 

November - We GET married!!!!  The day was beautiful.  70 degrees.  I'll never forget how the sun shone on us and all the blessings.  We dance, we talk, hug and smile.  Our friends and family surround us.  We head to the Bahamas. 

December - We drive to Lawrenceburg, we drive to Nashville, we fly to Chicago, we drive to Crystal Lake, we drive to Chicago, we fly to Nashville, we drive to Knoxville.  We enjoy our home and a few days of break before 2010 begins. 

This year was a year of great change and great blessings.  We have our first home, and made a lifelong commitment to one another.  I loved every minute of it.  Here's to 2010 and our little family full of love.

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