Thursday, July 15, 2010

27 Before 27

So I was inspired by Mytopography to come up with a list of 27 things before 27. 

Since technically that is only 5 months away, I will make an acception to this list, to try to accomplish at least 5 things from it (that would mean 1 each month).  Then the remaining items can carry over to the next years list 28 things before 28, and so on.

I'm going to try my best to just brainstorm some ideas and not get too bogged down in the logistics or the details on how these things will be accomplished.

To start:
1. Go camping with the Mr.
2. Ride a bike
3. Take more photographs
4. Attempt to make homemade cheese
5. Do a little bit of public speaking again -- I have 2 work projects that could provide opportunity for this
6. Weight train
7. Make a homemade wreath for the front door
8. Send a care package to someone
9. Map out a plan for landscaping the backyard
10. Go to the farmers market regularly
11. Attempt to write a chapter for the book
12. Organize our photos and put in album
13. Make s'mores this summer

To be continued....

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