Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Mouthful

I've been reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver this summer and was personally challenged to think more about what I put into my body.

The book is all about how her family challenged themselves to grow their own food, eat local fare, and try their best to consume organic food for one year.  As I read more and more about heirloom seeds, the seasonal growing pattern, and just how very far many of the foods we consume and buy from our grocery store travel (millions of miles) I wanted to see what how the Mister and I could shape up our kitchen.

I started by really studying and reading what kinds of produce were available at my local chain grocery store.  I specifically paid close attention to those little stickers you find on tomatoes, bananas, etc.  Sometimes I could find out where the little guys came from, other times there was no sign and one could begin to wonder if it just appeared miraculously...(we know better then that!) 

We also did some comparison shopping between our regular chain grocery store and 2 of the organic grocery stores in our area.  Our comparison focused on quality, if it was locally grown (ie in the US? a state close by?), prices, and generally how the food tasted to us.

So far...the organic market is winning.  We have noticed a significant difference in the taste of the chicken as well as the vegetables and fruits.  The flavors are much more robust.  I also appreciate knowing that my money is going towards supporting local farmers.  In addition, I've been reading lots of labels and found out the the organic market does not carry any product that contains high fructose corn syrup (the yucky stuff!).

Now the big question I'm sure many of you are asking...how do the prices compare?  To be honest, when you are simply a family of 2 and don't have to purchase TONS of food each week, we did not see a huge inflation in our grocery bill.  You will find that most of the cost is from your meats, but for the Mister and I find this is a fair price to pay for getting much greater quality and a much tastier dining experience at our table every night.

And considering how often we cook - which we believe is greater then the average couple ...we are willing to challenge ourselves to see that what we are putting into our bodies is stuff that is actually good for us!

What do you guys do to try to eat healthy??? 

p.s. one last final thought...vegetables and fruits really are little miracles.  have you ever stopped to ponder all of the little processes that take place so that can savor these delicious flavors!  I tip my hat to farmers!!

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Debbie said...

Hear, hear! We used to get dressed chickens from the local Amish community and the flavor was out of this world. 'Home-grown' flavors cannot be beat- even when it comes to eggs! The respect I have for my hard working farmer husband grows every time we have a vegetable garden and I try to manage a simple 40'x20' plot! "Write" on, Em! ;)