Thursday, December 20, 2012

6 month Update

The twinfants are 6 months old! What a glorious 6 months its been with these babies!

Facts and Figures

18 lbs and 11 oz
26.5 inches
He's 75% percentile for weight, and 50% for height
He makes lots of grumbling noises now
He has contagious laughter.  If you laugh, he laughs, if he laughs, you laugh
He likes playing airplane now and being tossed lightly up in the air

Ella Jane
16 lbs 7 oz
26 in 1/4
She's 75% for weight and 75% for height
She is rolling around like crazy
She's smiley. 
She doesn't like big parties at the moment
She can entertain herself for about an hour just rolling around on the floor

They are now eating 3 meals a day, breakfast lunch and dinner! These little monkies keep us busy!

Goodness are they fun!!!!

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