Friday, December 07, 2012


The babies are getting biggeR, and biggER, and BIGGER!  Seriously. Time is flying.  They will be 6 months old at the end of next week.  We are in full throttle at the Miller household....celebrating CHRISTMAS!  Last night Ella and Frank had on their matching Christmas pjs momma picked up for them, and Daddy got a special treat from our Christmas elf...the movie ELF! Woo hoo!  Daddy came home and found the Christmas carols playing loudly and two little elfs sitting at the door.  Mommy even had her Christmas elf shirt on.  Busy little elves. 

Franklin is seriously trying to crawl, his little hands are reaching out, grabbing, pulling, and legs are moving quick!  Ella Jane is our little screetch owl still and doesn't want to really take any sort of nap past 3/4pm, which is fine but sometimes she can be a handful.  Love that girl! She is a feisty one:)

They are at a new phase where I can actually make dinner and they'll be content watching me from their highchairs, on the kitchen floor playing, or sitting in a bumbo.  I love it.  We sing, dance, and make merry while cooking.  Joy is filling our home.  Sure we have times where Momma gets tired, (daddy too..shh he doesnt like to admit it as much) :) and I'm like okay an 8:15pm bedtime is too late...but honestly I'm savoring every minute..because time is flying!

Love to all!

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