Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Munching on Things

Fall is starting to usher itself intothe city, and with that a good road trip always comes to mind. Now that I'm back up East I took advantage of a long weekend and hit the road. Due to the lack of rain the colors didn't change as much, but I still did some leaf peaking. (And thanks to lack of Ipod juice a bunch of radio surfing). But I survived.

Along with channel surfing, I surfed my own thoughts a bit. Taking record and checking in with myself. I've had some things on my mind - and good things. Most recently, I've really been a) learning a lot thanks to grad. school and b) thinking more and more about my focus for life. Ever since I was little I've wanted to be a professor - but along with that comes time and more time. So I have to evaluate if this is what I really want, what it's going to require, and where it will put me.

The positives are that the program will be fully funded and paid for if I get in. How great would that be! Bottom line is I really want to teach college level coursework. It's so much more stimulating then high school curriculum, and you have more time and less boundaries to delve in deeper into the real meat of the topic. I love people, love connecting, and love sharing knowledge and getting people to see things from new perspectives. And second, the actual Ph.D. is in something that is rather a rare specialty. Cool. (As you can see I'm not yet ready to reveal all details yet). I still have a bunch of charting and mapping and munching to do on this.

But what's the most exciting is knowing that this opportunity exists, and is available to me if I want it.

P.S. Great sentence I read recently: "Venice is spooky under its grainy November skies. The city creaks and sways like a fishing pier."
I love me some good writing'

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