Sunday, October 07, 2007

the physical

there are times when I miss him so, but im not speaking of the emotional, but the counter partner to this half - the physical. His presence is one of strength, and not just the muscle strength, the heart and spiritual and just masculine strength that only a true man can offer a woman. and while I am well aware that I can easily function without this actual physical presence, and don't need it, my little heart loves it. it jumps at the thought of looking into the abyss of blue that springs from his eyes. and the energy that emits from him always makes me feel restful, yet energized, peaceful yet sparked. to hold these array of emotions all at once makes one feel very alive. And he's good with small gestures, very good, ones that only i pick up on, ones that make me feel like the most beautiful woman in all the world. it's true. And yes, his voice and words sing this to my delicate heart, but there's something that you can only get from a hug, or holding of the hand that speaks to this other part of myself.

ah. to be spoken to in so many ways; it's like meeting yourself on a different plane.

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