Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Christmas Bell.

One year in high school, at the begining of the christmas season, my mom gave me a snow man bell to tie to my assignment notebook and said "everytime you hear this bell ring remember that life is more than just thinking about yourself. every chime you hear, think about someone else. how you can better serve them. who they are. what their story is."

and i think every one of us needs a bell to carry around. a bell to remind us to think beyond the too common words of "me, I, and my" that run through our head.

this christmas season my prayer and "lesson" I'm finding myself learning in life is to get beyond myself, my stories, and my achievements. and to focus on others.

when you hear the bells this christmas, think of this. the focus is not so much inward, but outward.

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Anonymous said...

flattery is the highest compliment! quotos to your sister! you actually stole something from her for once :) my writing must be improving