Saturday, December 08, 2007

What I Want.

It's the end of my first semester of graduate school. Yes. At this point, I'm tired, in need of a mind break, and ready for new classes & ideas. The boy is about to graduate with his MBA and my Christmas spirit has been spreading the cheer for over 8 days now. But overall, I'm very pleased with DC and really starting to enjoy living in this city. Now I need this next month to put down on paper my objectives and true ambitions that will drive me into the new year.

Funny thing is, for the past few years, beginning junior year of college, life has seemed somewhat of a consistent game of chess. The planning ahead, the goal setting, the strategizing so that when I make the next move it's the best. Some people think I seem to go with what's in front of me, others see the opposite - and that I've been on a brief tour of the east coast lately and wonder how I can possibly live so far from my family and be so aggressive. But honestly, I don't really care what others think, and am happy with what experiences I've had, where I am, and where I'm going.

What I am noticing is that I'm ready to plant some roots and really invest myself fully into one place, and not have to think about moving for at least two years. I'm just starting to create solid relationships here, know the ins and outs of the little hole in the wall places I like, and feel comfortable. This is part of what's driving me to finish up graduate school by the end of next July. I don't want to be a transient anymore, and really need to finally figure out what state I live in. Ha. Plus the fact that many other factors are lining up, and that I actually enjoy taking 4 classes as opposed to 3. I don't have the energy, no less the navigation skills to continue to master new cities every other year. No joke.

I know I have many tools that I need hanging on my current toolbelt, and need to finish gathering some more here in DC so that I can really build that quality foundation that I want.

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