Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Snow in DC!

First snow of the season arrived in DC today! I woke up this morning, looked outside, and found myself giddy as a child again. My roommate still asleep, I tiptoed around, but secretly wanted her to wake up so I could share the joy. I bundled up in my Columbia jacket, named fittingly - Double Whammy. I felt round and puffy, but warm when I finally made it outside. Good thing too - or else I would have been having a few hot flashes sooner or later. (Think Ralphie in The Christmas Story). Equipped with stripped finger mittens, all but my head was feeling winter's kiss. I stood a few minutes waiting for the shuttle, and once again was mesmerized by the snow falling to the ground. Really, my imagination kicks in and all of a sudden - I'm living in a snow globe.
After getting in my office, I took off my jacket, and lightly dusted the snowflakes off my hair. I was so happy to be back up north - rosy cheeks and all.

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