Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Another Part of My Heart

This is for my sister.

Dearest Sister,
Remember when your heart was full of adventure
When you saw the nest but felt your wings?
Your mind full of wonder and  yearning
to learn and see new things?
Now you must rest
Rest your mind
And let your heart be at ease
Just let yourself remember the way
and gather your dreams
Dreams of adventure and relying on God
His hand is on your shoulder
And be my girl, let yourself be at peace
It surrounds you all the time
And know you are loved
And have a home
Wherever you are, we are with you all the time.

I love you,
Your Sister


RockyTopMBA said...

That is a very sweet poem. Your sister is lucky to have such a great big sister.

Anonymous said...

yea she is ;)