Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Putting it On the Line

It might be 60 degrees in DC, but the heat is on and going up.  With it being Super Tuesday and all the queens of dirty brought out their shiny fake diamond pins, and flaunted their latest hero. Is it hero worshiping or just a bad episode of What Not to Wear? Let's face it, people go to great lengths to make sure they are heard and seen.  Obama makes music too, and you should check out his latest montage music video starring well tons of stars.  I didn't even know Scarlet Johanssen sang. Apparently talent happens when its presidential election time. People put it all on the line.

Speaking of the line, I'm putting myself on the line, for a job. There's a cleaned up cover letter and heavy weighted paper, the type that can see a special stamp through the paper, sitting on my desk. The job has the word leadership in it, as well as development, and student, and oh assistant + director. It's right up my alley. I know I have the background and soon to be education, but most of all the passion to really jump start this program.  I know I can put my best foot forward and drop the envelope in the mail, and well then ask God to help guide me through these next few months of decisions.  I'm actually starting to get more excited when I send my one pager around, and less anxious. There are a plenty of opportunities for me in Knoxville, its just a matter of time now.  I'm coming my little Westie! (That's the dog that has most recently caught our interest.)

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