Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Art of the Process: Maximizing Resources

As I get further in my graduate degree, I'm learning more about myself and what type of work I enjoying doing the most. While I admit launching a project may be exciting and standing at the front lines of the battle offers its thrill, my greatest interest lies in the process. Everyday it appears more and more clearly to me that development may actually be the biggest need an organization or business has. While innovative ideas and expansion are sexier at first glance, these ideas can only be made reality through well defined infrastructures. And if time is invested into the process at the start, the idea can yield even greater impact, money, etc. My brain seems most interested in finding ways to take these set amounts of resources and maximizing their impact. Perhaps that's my unique way of looking at leadership- helping individuals to take their intellectual and emotional capital and finding ways to help maximize their impact.
But that's my own little take on things.

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