Friday, April 04, 2008

The Sweetest Thing You Could Ever See is a Happy Girl.

It's been a lovely few weeks here folks.  Even with the quickly approaching end of the semester due dates, and frequent Friday dates with my thesis and delicious cheese, life is pretty darn good.

Last week I had two successful interviews, thanks to great job experiences and some stellar education, I felt prepared and ready to make a little debut. The first one would definitely get my little imagine kicking, with all of the CSIesque things that happen in the office, God only knows the stories I could end up with.  The second a true example of college bureaucracy and the works of a big campus. But none the less, I got my name and my face out there and hopefully made a good impression.  We shall see.

I had a great weekend with the Boy, who purchased Rock Band. And let's just say well...that pretty much rocked and so did we.  Also, our second version of a deep dish pizza turned out much better.  We figured out saucy is good, but only in some forms, not in pizza land.  We had fun advancing The Fighting Phyllis and Willis' (our band) and acquiring a super jet and hippie van. It's good to let your hair down every once in awhile. 

Back in DCland I'm spending a good amount of time trying to knock things out of the ballpark, figuratively speaking, get them done and above and beyond style.  All I know is that when I finally get myself a little puppy, I will be so happy.  Seriously! But I know that half the amount of fun is getting yourself there, and so I'm making the most of this journey but also really excited about what's to come!

I'll try to update more frequently, and hopefully with some exciting job news! Cross your fingers! Cue song..."Oh, oh she's a happy girl, everybody knows she's a happy girl. And the sweetest thing you could ever see in the whole wide world is a happy girl"~by martina mcbride

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