Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Moving Up'

So I've almost wrapped up all my major projects for the semester! And it feels so good, almost like a new freedom I'm finding.  Next week I defend my thesis in class (yay/woo) and also start hunting for an apartment in Knoxville.  While moving can be overwhelming we have to look at the positives of it.  After living in a city for a year, having a car, having a car with the inability to steer, and living in an apartment with a baby upstairs, the positives are becoming ever more crystal clear:

1. Car - honk honk. I will no longer have to grocery shop according to how many lbs. I can carry in my arms. Ah, I can buy milk, beer, and water at once! Also, there's something about rolling windows down, turning on music, and moving your hand in a cool airplane like motion that gets me going.

2. Green, trees, mountains, oh my - When I look out ahead and drive to work I'll be seeing the mountains each morning, rising up before me like majesties.  I can also "plan" to go hiking. See plan in quotes:)

3. Dogs - In my current apt. you could only have a cat, that was a definite no go for this gal.  I'm currently investigating the Border Terrier. 

4. Laundry - No more paying gastronomical amounts like 3.00 dollars to be able to wash all my coloreds. Disclaimer: I plan on cooking for the boy who may let me use his washer/dryer.

5. No JDJFD- Lots of people I meet in the DC seem to work for acronyms DOD, DOE, DOJ, WH, take your pick.  They also get every other Friday off and wear strange badges and sometimes cut in front of you at restaurants and in movie lines because they are VIP. Look, another acronym.

6. Money - While education has its perks, and sleeping till 7:20 each morning has been fun, I'm tired of eating oatmeal for different meals.

7.  Favorite person - Being an hours flight away from your person only permits you to see them like once every 3 or 4 weeks.  Instead of taking a train, bus, and plane to get there I can just go down the street. 

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