Friday, April 20, 2012

Ultrasound! 28 Weeks and 5 days

To my Son & Daughter,

I went to the doctor yesterday and we had another ultrasound to measure your growth. I am so happy to report that you are both doing wonderfully!  Sweet daughter you are now 3lbs!!!! YES!  Strong son of mine you are just 2 ounces less at 2lbs and 14 ounces - which they said you'll gain in just a few days time.  You are both measuring in the 50th percentile! I'm so proud of you both.  I just can't adequately express the love I feel for you both and the strength I'm sending you every single moment of each day. 

The neatest part is that we could also see you practicing breathing!  At first I didn't know what I was looking at, but our favorite ultrasound tech (Kim) pointed out that both of your stomachs were contracting in and out.  They said they usually didn't even look for this closer to after 30 weeks.  Again, you two are just exhibiting how much strength God continues to give all three of us during this time!

Girl face staring at Mom!
They even turned on the 3d ultrasound for a moment.  As usual, our baby boy cooperated, but our little girl wrapped her hands up around her face and we couldn't get a good shot. 

Boy Profile of face
You capture my heart everyday, and are truly a testimony to God's magnificence.

Keep it up sweet babies!  I love you so much,

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