Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Update - Growth Ultrasound

We had a growth ultrasound on both of you today!   You two are looking wonderful!  Our sweet girl is now 2 pounds 5 oz. and our handsome man is now 2 pounds 3 oz.  You seem to both be sharing your nutrients well and your fluid levels look great.  Continue to take care of each other and share space. 

Our little girl has now turned and is head up - this explains why mommy's ribs have been aching and the boy is still head down.  This means our boy's legs are kicking our girl in her noggin'.  Haha.  We'll see if you both stay this way. We saw your faces and you both are getting some cheeks on you now:)  You look gorgeous to Mommy and Daddy!

We continue to praise God for his craftsmanship!  He is a master architect, provider, and protector.  He is looking out for both of you!  My faith continues to increase as we all grow together, all three of our hearts beating in here.

Loving you always,

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