Wednesday, January 16, 2013

4 Feedings

Just a note for my own sake to remember.  The twins went down to four feedings a day just around their 7 month birthday - January 14.  They consolidated feedings, and are now eating ever 4 hours, with solids three times a day.  Yes! 

New schedule:
7:30/8am - breakfast (fruits and oatmeal) plus 5 oz bottle
11:30/12 - lunch - veggie or fruit plus 5 oz bottle
3:30pm - 5 - 6 oz bottle
7/730pm - oats and 5-6 oz bottle

The twins are just eating oats for dinner since they've had (mostly Franklin) such issues with spit up.  It helps him hold it down on his stomach easier for the night.

Also, Ella has just about dropped her last nap of the day.  By 7pm she is a tired little camper ready for bed.  Franklin on the other hand wants nothing more then to take a 15-25 minute power nap in the evening around dinner time:) Sweet babies.

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Mama and Loving It said...

I love that you are capturing this! I forget some of these things that I wish I knew later. It's so fun to mark the every day and see later what your day to day consisted of. You are doing AMAZING! Such a great mama!