Friday, January 18, 2013

First Snow Day

Dear Franklin & Ella Jane,

We had our first snow day together! So maybe it wasn't a full day, but Mom and Dad both got out of work early and headed home with the snowfall picking up!  When we arrived at home you had both already taken your afternoon nap and were up and ready to play!

The snowflakes started to fall harder and heavier outside.  Dad and I each scooped one of you up in our arms, grabbed you, and we went outside for a few moments. Both of you looked a bit confused and in aw at the same time.  It was chilly! And there was something hitting your hands and your head.

There's nothing like sharing new experiences together with you. The morning after the snowfall we both were delayed going into work so Daddy made us a delicious breakfast with huge biscuits and jam.

Love you two,

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