Monday, January 28, 2013

Zombie House

Survivor's log:  all succombed to the virus.

Thankfully I can also report that 5 days later we are pretty much back to feeling like our normal selves!  The norovirus is an awful, nasty, mean, ferocious bug.  Our brave little solidier Roo started off with it, gave it to mama, passing onto Bee, and then the last to fall - Daddy.

During our quarantine I learned all about a new level of love - the love a parent has for a sick child.  When you as the parent are sick and trying to care for a sick little one you have to dig deep. Thankfully, God did not intend for us to do this parenting thing alone and gave me my Mr. to lean on. But it's tough - parents don't get sick days.  You have to keep feeding, bathing, cleaning, and caring. Even while your energy levels are dragging, you find that you would do anything for your sweet Littles. To top it off, an ice storm hit us Friday giving us another push to stay in, and stay home. And that we did.

So while they napped, we napped. When they played happily, we rested on the couches.

It's amazing what pedialyte, a few days of rest, and a solid nights sleep will do.

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