Monday, November 12, 2007


I had originally started drafting a post about Fiedler's leadership theory, but found my mind wandering to my own situational awareness. Prompted by dinner conversation that made my mind blink twice before coming up with the right response, I've become strikingly more aware lately of who I am and who I'm not.

While others may be considering where to go to eat after work I can usually be found at my desk in the office, preparing for another night's worth of classes. I've traded the drinks in (as if I ever really liked beer..haha) for a cup of tea or diet coke and when daring a coffee. I like reading the Wall Street Journal, and trying to work all the new vocab words from my studies into my daily existence.

And it's through my interests, hobbies, and decisions that make it really interesting to navigate this so called phase of life. Many of those who are my age seem to be doing quite different things, or yet almost speaking different languages. Okay, so maybe not everyone. But, somehow talking about personal intimacies or the latest star gossip doesn't put my engine in first.

But while I may be making less then a handful of good friends out here, and battling the occasional awkward conversation and getting weird looks because yes it's a Friday night and I am staying in - because a) I'm either exhausted or b) need to work on some things, it makes me really appreciate those who I keep close to me in my life - namely a Boy that I seem to find more complimentary to who I am everyday.

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