Sunday, November 04, 2007

Footie Pajamas

Remember those footie pajamas? The one's that have the feet connected. I could have used a pair of those tonight. My roomate keeps her windows open throughout the day so it's like an icebox when she goes to bed. When I retire into my bedroom at night it feels like I'm skating across the tundra while I'm slipping through the hallway. Brrr.

I'll be having lunch with Him tomorrow. I've choosen a Thai resturant so at least my favorite food can be a comforting companion. I'm looking forward to the meeting, this time meeting Him even more as a woman then before. Perhaps we can begin to retie the knot that had sheared and frayed over the past years, and make a newer, stronger one.

So as winter comes with the crisp winds and colder mornings, I welcome it and say see my heart, it's very warm. And if I get a pair of footie pajamas, my feet will be too!

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