Tuesday, November 06, 2007

My Dad Waiting For Me

I finally saw Him today for what had almost been a year. He ended up meeting me at school since I had a lot of work related things going on and couldn't find time to escape. I was in the middle of wrapping up a guest speaker for the delegation when my phone rang and I stepped out to take the call.

"Hi M" he said. He told me he was downstairs in the lobby of the building waiting for me. I told him I'd be five minutes and he said that was fine. Excited, nervous, and anxious feelings flooded me all at once. It was hard to pick and choose, so I let the feelings wash over me like waves as I descended the stairs to meet him.

I saw him right away from the side. He was standing in the middle of the lobby in his nice navy blue suit, with a baby blue shirt and lightly striped tie on. His hair was the same salty gray color. Dad I yelled. Hi! He turned and opened his arms wide to give me a hug. His tall stature enveloped me completely. For a second I felt myself melting into his shoulder, like a child again being held. We exchanged hellos and how are yous and he helped me finish up a few work things and carry some items in prep for the next event over to the other building.

It was so great to look into his eyes and see the Dad I remembered from all of the happy moments. There wasn't that sadness there filling the dark brown of his eyes anymore, but instead a bright reflection of the man I knew existed all along. He told me how proud of me he was, how grown up and beautiful and smart I am. And I the same. How proud of him I was and so glad he took the time to see me.

It was a reunion of more then just a father and his daughter. It was a reunion of two hearts. It was a letting go of something old and a receiving of something new and so much better. We put the past aside to see each other in the present. I won't forget the feeling of knowing that just downstairs my dad was waiting for me. And that he came to see me. This visit was very special and one that will stay with me for a very, very long time.

I look forward to the next time I get to see him again.

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