Monday, April 23, 2007

It's About to Get Cheesy.

It's about to get cheesy, bear with me. I'm going to gush and be a girl right now. Considering that I have Alicia Keys "If I Ain't Got You" playing in the background and I'm entering into the ultimate girl time of the month, (yes men you know it's your fav), the time when I'm feminine and my curves feel extra curvy, I'm going to allow myself to take a moment, or two or three.

Maybe you've experienced it, maybe you haven't, but I have. The point where you're in a relationship, and the person becomes more and more attractive to you everyday as time goes on. It's that everytime we talk, or are together, I constantly get reminded of why I'm attracted to him - like when he makes me laugh when I'm feeling a lil feisty or takes my hand when we pray.

It's the inside jokes about "boob presses" and wheely chairs in the kitchen, and the fact that we both know a few Phil Collins songs. Go ahead and laugh, we do too. And the fact that I find the way he eats popcorn so cute, or how I really enjoy power cleaning his apartment - and like doing "home projects" together (okay so maybe just hanging up the shower curtain while drinking vodka tonic). But still, it's that we accomplish things together.

It's knowing that someone supports and believes in you just as much as you believe in them. And that if you are having a bad day, or need to vent - that persons there, and can bring it all back into perspective, and remind you how cute of a butt you might have, and that your brain is just as sexy. Gosh, how can you not love that. It's that he helps me to be the best version of myself, and inspires me everyday to be a better woman. And that I help him to be a better man.

I'm really a blessed girl. A blessed girl whose extra big heart has found someone extraordinary to love. It's good, about as good as cheesy can get.

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