Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Beginning of Wonderful is Now.

I'm tired right now, so forgive any overtones of melancholy.  I just got back from Knoxville after spending a really great weekend with the boy.  We used his fireplace for the first time (two nights in a row) and had fun entertaining a few friends for a dinner party.  His new place is really very nice. An unbenounced back injury afforded us the chance to have a lazy Sunday watching Star Wars movies, which I admit I never saw before (I fell asleep through 1 a long time ago) and I'll also admit I like them.  Next time the boy and I spend a weekend together, I wouldn't be surprised if it came with the new Star Wars movies in tow.  

Elsewhere on my plate is school and getting the nitty gritty of my scholarly research paper undertow.  I think I've finally nailed down the topic after really only circumventing what I knew was there all the time. Language, semantics, etc. Welcome to the world of academia.  My best friend here at school got engaged (congrats!) and has the prettiest ring ever on her finger.  Over dinner she told about colorless degrees of diamonds, circle shapes and how that combination yields the most shiny sparklyness. Oh the things you learn.

Other then that my job search is on, and I find myself hitting up a few regular sites to see what leads I can find.  I'm not quite sure how folks could handle being in graduate school longer then oh a year and a half, but hey according to one of my relatives I'm an SOS - Student on Steroids. Bottom line, I like to keep moving ahead. I have certain goals in mind, and well enjoy watching money grow.  To me there's something very rewarding about putting cash money away into a savings account and watching it mount up - and then using it to really reach a goal (like now paying for my rent and not worrying) and eventually for a house, or European vacation. (Can't wait to take the boy to Constance Germany). If you ask me it's well worth it.  There's nothing like knowing you have the discipline and know how to hold out for what you really want, plus the added wonderfulness of not feeling any stress once you get it.  I look forward to all that lies ahead.  But God has always been good to me, and provided as long as I keep one foot in front of the other.  

We all have the moments where we feel - will we ever make it - but in those moments we just have to pause and remind ourselves, we already have.  This is just the beginning of wonderful.

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