Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Brand New Year

     I haven't written a lengthy post in some time.  With the holiday season upon me and visits to various cities to spread and receive Christmas cheer, there wasn't much time for writing. Besides, cooking has become one of my new found hobbies.  But I promise more frequent updates.

     In the New Year I find myself with a fullness much greater then before.  A playful nature has emerged, and along with it creative energies.  Whether that be for cooking, playing around on my want to be piano, or even organizing my closet space, this new creativity is fuel for energy every day.  It's wonderful and has made me uncover parts of me that I knew from years ago.  It's infusing my relationships and really infiltrating each part of my life with a zest.

     Besides creativity, exciting things are happening in life.  The Boy graduated from UT with his MBA in December, and we were blessed to spend a great deal of time together this break- moving him into a new apartment, and celebrating the Christmas season.  I know for years to come I'll remember all the memories we made this past season - cooking in his new kitchen, going through his memorabilia and listening to the stories that accompanied them, driving a forklift, and playing rockband late into the night.  We even formed our own band.  I am very happy I had the opportunity to help him transition into this next phase of life, and am cheering him on each and everyday as he begins his exciting career.

     As for me, I'm now back in DC and gearing up for another semester that lies ahead.  I've been sending out my resume and getting some good feedback thus far.  I'm looking forward to a new set of classes, 2 being taught by our awesome director.  In addition, my work at the Women & Politics Institute will also be changing, and it looks as though I'll get to be a bit more creative and acquire some grant writing skills.  I'm looking forward to what lies ahead over the next few months and happy to have some great people to share it with.

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