Monday, January 21, 2008

A Scene Straight from Cinderalla

It seemed like a regular, chilly winter morning when I tried to pull myself from bed. But the most special winter spectacular occurred. Puttering around the apartment, and cleaning up leftover remnants of the weekend, I stopped to stare out my window. The fluttering of wings and bright red breasts caught my attention. Birds. Birds, robins, everywhere. They were fluttering all about the tree, which I've learned is the Holly Tree, that stands right outside my window. Filled with a glee that reminds me of Spring ahead, I grabbed my camera to take a few shots. I thought the birds might fly away at the sight of the camera, but they stayed in the tree, sharing their happy song and nibbling at the bright red berries. What a sight to see. I imagined they were all greeting me with a chirping hello, and saying "you may have a cold, but spring will be here soon." Every once in awhile we all are reminded it's the little things, and when added up they are the big things in life.

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