Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Direct Routes.

I've worked really hard on becoming a better direct communicator this past year, maybe longer then that, and I'll be darned if I am going to give that up for a few noncommittal eyes.  Yes, the girls in some of my classes (okay maybe only like 1 or 2) are giving me the feeling that I'm a) intimidating or b) they are competitive against me.  Do I give off the competitive vibe? I'm not a competitive person, I'm a motivated girl.  It striked me tonight in class that while most of the girls had gone out of the room during break, I had stayed behind to chat with the prof. and a few of my classmates. I glanced around, it was all guys.  The fact of the matter is that guys seem to handle my direct communication better then girls. Truth be told, I think for girls direct communication comes off as aggressive, at least that's what I remember it once feeling like, until I found my voice and the much more succinct way of communicating. I'm open to a good debate and critical thought. I like it. So if you disagree, talk back, or question, don't sit there with an ugly stink eye. It's much easier to go around in life and know where you're going and who you are, and what you are about then to beat around the bush. I'm going somewhere, & women need to know how to handle that.

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Beach and Bliss Diveshop said...

how do you find all of your fun art emmy? you gotta teach me