Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Choice, Love, and Faith. In this I find my Peace.

Over the past two years I've really come to know the meaning of choice, love, and faith. Choice has been watching someone close to you choose a different way, actions that hurt themselves, and others. Choice has been choosing a different path myself, choosing to move forward, and choosing happiness everyday.

Love has been learning to love the man still, even though I despised his actions. Love has been growing closer towards someone and allowing them to get to know all of me, experiencing the strengths, and helping me during the weakness. Love has been being kind to myself even when it got tough. Love has been loving, and expecting nothing in return.

And faith, above all, faith has been trusting and leaning more on God. Faith has been knowing that he desires to make our paths straight, and that if we choose him, love does abound. Faith has been courage to break patterns, behaviors, and habits. Faith has been the ability to see things through till the end, until it was time to move on. It's a desire to move closer to compassion and kindness for all things at all times. And faith has been a steady source of joy in my everyday.

This is my peace.

I choose happiness. I choose love. I choose faith. And in this I find peace.

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