Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Everything Little Thing is Gonna Be Alright...

I've turned on some Bob Marley. He's playing in the background as I put a little lipgloss on (cherry flavor) and get ready to head out of the house. Everything little thing is going to be alright. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves of that, or at least have good buds around to do that...and by buds I mean best friends from London and funny or a funny/smart boy from Knoxville. Moreso someone with experience is even better, and I have that, keep that secret weapon close on hand for times like these.

Fiscally conservative. It's the devil of me sometimes. Managing to sneak free from debt thus far into my life that the thing known as a loan is like meeting a new friend to me. I don't quite trust the person yet, and am still figuring out how they will effect me and what they a) can help me learn and b) affect my quality of life.

But I make pros and cons lists, and charts and scratch doodles when things start to get crowded in my brain. And now that I've done that and a fair amount of talking I know that no matter what I decide, it'll be good. My track record supports this prediction, and the hard part is over. I already know where I'm going to school and where I'm going to live - and I like that. It's just a matter of setting it into motion now. And I've been training up for this marathon for about 2 years now. It's time to tie up my shoes, throw my hair in a ponytail and enter the race.

Setting my mark...

PS. I'm the fast girl your mother warned you about. Running style'

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Anonymous said...

ah! i love your creativity emmy : ) let's go rock um!