Monday, July 30, 2007

Running or Not.

I've been bad about keeping to my running schedule this past week - literally I think the last time I ran was last Tuesday. It's true. I've determined, along with those close to me, that I need to make sure to get my 30 minutes of high intensity workout in at least 3 -4x times a week. It's either that or read Harry Potter...which according to a close source of mine is "so you!" (but it's long and they wave wands around and use toads as pets). But without the run it seems like my brain goes for mental runs and yeah it likes to do like 20 milers

But honestly these past few days I've felt particularly tired and just drained, and just out of my groove. It's not fun for me or anyone else, so bon voyage groove monster. I could feel it coming on, and was able to spot the signs and managed it by getting some extra sleep and getting a more intense walk in. But I need to do more - I haven't had a whole lot of energy to do my run, but by golly I'm going to get it in tomorrow even if it is 100 degrees outside or call me a rappscallion. In addition, I haven't been able to attend church cause of work, but try to render this by journaling and of course daily communes with God.

But life is really good, and I cannot complain. I have health and good teeth :), exciting things in the works, great relationships (mmm hmm), and my faith (amen sister). And I know I'm blessed. This being said I'm back on the boat and steering the wheel due north.

So it's time to refocus.
Goals for the rest of the week include:
- sticking to running / workout schedule (sweat sweat in the humidity woot!)
- making time for at least 30 minutes to read / journal during day
- eating healthy = less caffeine (tea ok)
- fun, fun, fun enjoying last week of LA

You can hold me to them or call me ....old. Which cannot happen b/c let's face it, I have way too cute of a face to ever be called...old.

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