Friday, July 13, 2007

Let's just call this the "Good Points" post.

Good Points:

* It's always made sense to me for people who work hard to be given the opportunity to play hard. I've read different case studies now, and looked at different profiles of companies to see the differences in environments and cultures. While I admit I've only really held one official/real job so far in my life (I'm still young) you can see gianormous differences in the way companies value creativity based on their policies.

- If you want employees to be creative, they need to be rested and alive. So time off should be given as an incentive for folks who can bring creativity to the table. Guy Kawasaki makes a Good Point in saying that people are also much less prone to make mistakes if they are rested. It's better to avoid making mistakes, then fixing them.

* Sitting at the local pub last night with two of my girlfriends, I heard an interesting opinion. Both of they thought that our CEO should sit down with them at the conclusion of our yearly cycle and be given the opportunity to give their top 3 pluses and deltas for the year. They didn't understand why he couldn't give a half an hour to each of the folks in this position and why he wouldn't want to.

- CEO's should be the visionaries not the details hounds. While it would be great to get to sit down with the CEO and give him the down and dirty, it's not necessary and really not a good idea. If CEO's are given a chance to get into the details, I just know his head would get wrapped around the axle and suddenly we'd have a huge mess on our hands. Instead, employees need to make sure they are being listened to. This is huge. I tried to help my friends understand this, and see how to go about making sure their knowledge was noted and valued through a different channel other then the CEO.

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CMM said...

I think you just captured a learning point that takes most folks another decade to appreciate.

To sum it up, I couldn't agree more.. but are you really surprised?