Monday, July 09, 2007

NYC: Avenue Q, MoMa, and Central Park

Greetings ya'll. It's been awhile, but for good reasons. I've been up in NYC for the past week taking care of business and doing a bit of sightseeing with my boy.

The boy was invited up to be a guest speaker for my business program, and let's just say that kicked off the weekend to a fantastic start. The students and staff alike loved him! (This is a plug to get him to come up to our Boston conference at the end of the month).

After the conference wrapped up and I did a little bit of firing, (yes) we started out the weekend with a visit to Broadway to see Avenue Q. Funny, off beat musical, detailing the truth of life in a comedic fashion - using puppets and lively songs to sing abou tthe facts of life. We were able to get cheap tickets from tkts that landed us in the orchestra section. Talk about a fun evening!

Following that we got up and enjoyed our Saturday morning and afternoon with a visit to the Museum of Modern Art. I got to see Van Gogh's Starry Night - which has been a dream of mine and also laughed at the delightful drawings by Dan Perjovschi. Also among the artistis displayed there were Picasso and Monet. Picteresque way to spend some time with the boy.

After that we headed to Central Park where I was given a 5 star tour of Strawberry Fields and the famous fountain. The boy had lived just across the street from the park for a bit, so he knew where he was going - good thing too. We made it back just in time to catch our flight back home and of course I fell fast asleep on the plane back.

What a fantastic weekend and wonderful memory!

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