Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Letter of Recomendation from my Father to my future Husband

(prelude: this is a bit of a comedic poem that was inspired through some of my reading)

I don't know who you are yet, but
I want to explain a few things.

In 1983, our first house had birds nests
in our chimney and porch.
They made sounds like she did when she was first born.
This is why we call her hummingbird.

Our family is almost 100% German.
All 10 grandchildren have blue eyes and blonde hair,
she is the only

with brown eyes.
She has the deepest eyes you've ever seen
and the deepest heart you'll ever know.
Be gentle, kind, and pray with her.

I moved to Boston when she was 11, for a new job.
She stayed in IL with her mother and sister.
My eldest daughter was older then most her age.
She watched her sister
and her mother.
And locked the doors every night.
She never once complained when
I couldn't make it to her concert, instead she just
said that she had an old soul and understood.

Small attentions
are all she requires.
Tell her you never saw anyone
so adept
at making pancakes.

Still, your life will not be easy.
Just look at how much energy she has.
She'll keep you moving.
And what's this about taking a hike in the rain, or painting the bathroom, or the researching the best type of dog to get?

You must understand --she doesn't see the world clearly.
Once she screamed, "The woods are on fire!"
when it was only a blue cloud of insects lifting from the trees.

But she's a good girl.
She likes to kiss
and be kissed.
I remember mornings
she would wake me, stroking my whiskers,
and kissing my hand.

She'll tell you -- and it's true --
she prefers the blue of your eyes
to all the blue seas of heaven and earth.

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Beach and Bliss Diveshop said...

i love it emma - you are so inspiring!