Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Me and Sleep

Sleep is essential. We already know this. Studies show...we all know 7-8 hours a night.

I flew back from Chicago the other night, and landed at midnight. Final hitting the below around 1am. Over the past year I've really come to notice how important sleep is for my functioning. As a high energy person, I give a lot all the time, whether that's emotionally, physically, or intellectually. But it's super important for me to make sure I'm consistent in my sleep patterns. It's easy to notice if I don't get enough sleep - I get a bit grumpy, and a bit irritable. Roomies, parents, boyfriends, they can all attest that I'm a very chirpy girl to be around, but if I haven't gotten enough sleep - don't push my buttons! Probably because the place where I function normally, runs high rpms, and when I don't get enough sleep my mind and body still want to rev that high, but don't have enough fuel to. So the engine poops out.

So next time I'm irritable, just say, go to bed and call me in the morning! Wrap me up in blankets, turn off the lights, and run :) Guarenteed I'll be back to my magical self by the time I rise the next day!

PS. I can even be pretty comical when I sleep. Sometimes I tell stories.

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