Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Kolb Learning Style - The Doer in Me

I'm introducing a new learning inventory to the leadership program I work on for my organization. I was excited today to have received the background supplement from my Director that I could start creating the presentation and weave it into my curriculum. I also took the inventory myself, and once again proved only what I've known all along.

The Kolb Learning Style Inventory is designed to help one understand how you learn best in educational settings and everyday life, as well as identify how to improve personal and professional relationships within different team settings.

My results yielded:

I take in information via Concrete Experience (CE) - learning by experiencing
  • Learning by experience and specific experiences
  • Relating to people
  • Being sensitve to feelings and people

I deal with information via Active Experimentation (AE) - learning by doing

  • Gets things done
  • Risk taker who influences people and situations through actions

My learning style is:


which involves the primary learning modes of active experimentation and concrete experience. Individuals who embody this style put ideas into actions. They find multiple uses for whatever has been learned and accommodate/adapt to change. People with this style learn by "doing." They enjoy hands-on experiences that invovle new challenges (Very true. I do new thigns so I can keep learning). They make decisions based on information gathered by others and thrive in action-oriented careers like marketing, sales, and business. (interesting). These people work well with others, like field work, and test different approaches to completing a task.

Overall Result: I seek out and exploit opportunity, take risks (DC here I come), and lead & influence others through my actions. I am best put to use on a team by choosing and creating goals, or executing solutions.

The above clearly explains why I never read directions before putting a bike together. I like to learn best by doing. So it isn't just me being stubborn, it's me trying to learn my best. ;)

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