Monday, June 25, 2007

I Can Hear Them All

Foolish, evil, and stupid. Those weren't just words thrown out after a few glasses of wine, but rather choice words used to describe the very atrocity of the concept that there is no absolute right or wrong in this day in age. Is this what society is evolving into?

My chicken scratch on the church bulletin from Sunday reminds me of what those three words really stand for - moral relativism. It represents the idea that there is no universal standard for which to assess an ethical proposition's truth. That instead each society's morality is relative to it's own cultural and historical influences.

The preacher was the one who helped string all of these different thoughts together. It made more sense when I heard the phrase core values. That today instead of asking, what's the right thing to do, people are asking - is there a right thing to do.

We've turned to politics to help answer this question, which is the wrong place to look. Instead we have to go back and look more closely at and examine our beliefs. We can't just let everything fly anymore, we have to know who we are and stand up for it.

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