Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Why I Can't Stop Starting Over

Wow! Great article and probably an even better book!

This entpreneur offers some real life insight in his Confessions of a Serial Entreprenuer. In Businessweek's short interview with Skorman, he comments on the real life and human experience that an entreprenuer needs to recognize. Key points include:

- Get beyond emotion. You have to make decisions from a logical standpoint, not just an emotional one. (He admits he went into the business wanting to help others, but found he had to let go of the emotion to really help others). If he was successful, he was better able at helping.

- He found out he was better at helping others start business rather then starting one on his own.

- Taps into naive vs. arrogant. There's a reason so many super start CEO's are young - and it's because they can take risks, and not from an arrogant place, but rather a naive place. Naive is better then arrogant.

- Mentors! Some of his richest resources were the people in his life who supported him and shared their wisdom. Have mentors!

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