Saturday, June 30, 2007

Metro Ride Home

It's the end of another LeadAmerica day. Somewhere between Union Station and Cleveland Park, I fell into a moment of sentiment. (girly yeah). I was reading over some notes I had taken that evening after chatting with my English accented compatriate. I wrote the day at the top of my paper before jotting down some ideas. Tomorrow marks the first of July, and that means I have just a little over a month left before I truly transition into my next chapter of life: graduate school, DC, and one step closer towards long term goals...and making millions of course' while pursuing happiness.

While I won't miss pretending that I liked making phone calls for pizza at 7:30pm at night or being able to format an excel schedule in my sleep, they watched me grow up. I was with LeadAmerica since I was just twenty years old. It's evenings like this, when my company is being kept by Dr. Morris that the why I'll miss this place become apparent. There's something inspiring here, and a purpose that's embedded in who I am, so being passionate about what I did was easy -

That's a lesson we can all take away -

I guess what I'm really getting at is that I'm at the crossroads right now. While facing the future, I'm excited but also know that I want to talk and remember right now all the good and the bad, and what they gave me and even a little of what I gave back. Recognition for what I there a place or even time for that? Just to sit down over a cup of coffee with someone that's walked this place with me, to digest and really start to wrap my head around all the take aways.

Of course it's only natural that I'm preparing the debrief I'll do on myself. But I want someone else to do it. How ironic. *They should have exit interviews (some places do).

For now, I'll revel and give it what I've got. And inside I'll keep jotting ideas and notes down, and taking snapshots with my mind. There's a joy and a sadness at the same time. And being able to experience both of these at once, well I suppose that's beauty.

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Philip said...

It sounds like you're living in the moment, instead of just skimming over the surface (looking ahead to the next moment . . .)

I'm glad you have so much good to take away from your experience.