Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Online Ecosystems

The internet has not only created a new way for people to interact, learn, and work from, but also provided a new ecosystem for business to be born.

In today's Drudge Report, Google Agrees Changes on Privacy, Google is attacked for keeping users personal information on file for longer then 2 years. The European Union data collection agency filed a report and cited Google for breaking the law. Of course Google spoke out against this, and made radical moves to shift their current policy regarding privacy, and the systematic way they hold onto searchers personal information.

Shortly after I read this article, I flipped to the Wall Street Journal to find an instant rebuddal to this very attack. What has sprung out of privacy, google, and personal information has been a highway for reputation management companies. Cited in Bad Online Reputations, companies by the name of ReputationDefender and DefendMyName have made a killing helping to protect their clients from looking like monsters when their names are searched. Depending on where their name shows up, and how many hits they get, a negative display of information may show up first thing when the individual is searched on Google. These companies have learned to generate an income based off of other online companies very purpose.

What's most interesting is how one cause leads to another effect, and another business is born. Reputation management companies have found yet another place in this new online ecosystem.

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